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10/01/2003 - 11/01/2003

11/01/2003 - 12/01/2003

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Sunday, November 30, 2003

HEY EVERYONE....TODAY'S A VERY IMPORTANT DAY FOR ME....ITS SHEENA'S B-DAY YEEEEAAAHHHHHHH PLEASE DO ME A HUGE FAVOR AND PRAY FOR HER (and us) :) but yah even send her an email or call her....if not juz keep her in ur Prayers THX. God Bless You....Luv Ya'll.
Ace at Sunday, November 30, 2003

Saturday, November 29, 2003

OK so yah hmmm I totally forgot what day it was today...Saturday...ok so let me take u back to Thanksgiving day which was Thursday...REALLY KEWL DAY. My first Thanksgiving....ok so it was a busy day, lots of cooking and cooking and yah what else did we do??? Oh yah was kewl although I didn't do much then juz stay in the back and carry stuff in and dancing in the party scene which was kinda kewl....kinda reminded me of BACK IN THE DAYS hehehe...ok so the ywanted sum of us to smoke...well fake smoke but still light the cigeratte EEWWWWW YAKIIIIIIII....ok so I accidentally inhale the mother and HOLY SMOKE was it BUZZ hehe (thats what Nicole calls it) prolly thats what its called...but yah hehe it was CRAZY and EWWWW #"¤%¤&#""¤%¤!!!! we had to do the show again friday ARRRHHHH MAN!!!
Ok so Thanksgiving....yeaaaahhhh ok so as I was tryin to help out in the Kitchen with Henrik all over my face FLIPPIN TRASH TALKING ME that little punk hehe...Craig comes ind and totally saved my day...."Aite guys let's go play sum AMERICAN FOOTBALL" OHHHH YEAH!!! it was AWESOME well totally got my butt kicked but it was first game of AMERICAN FOOTBALL...
Thanksgiving Night was AWESOME...I invited Ariane and TinTin...ok so wanna hear sumn really cute...ok so TinTin was asleep when they came so we went to the Cafeteria, and she woke up, so i took her up and when she saw all the people around her she goes "Hva det???" meaning "Whats that?" ahhhh sooooooo cute....yah everybody wanted to take picture of her hehehe....Dinner was GREAT and desert....OH BOY WAS I FULL!!! I ate a whole was fun was fun and after that we went to the white room and watch HOME ALONE YEEEHAAAAIIII well juz the Masters ofcourse....really kewl.....PEACE OUT YA*LL
Ace at Saturday, November 29, 2003

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Wow I almost forgot....we went to an Art Museum (Glyptoteket) today for our ISI and sum of the other ISI groups aswell its free on was really kewl, yah we had a great time...Aj, Andy and I took sum really kewl pics of sum skulptures, and I'm gonna post them here soon...Aj has them all on his com. but he's still doin his scrip. memory stuff sooo I might post them Tom. Aite...hmm ok well yah we had a great time but Krystle couldn't join us so we juz gotta pray for her...we don't really know what it is yet but juz pray for her and Pray for God's protection upon her THX. aite I'm out God Bless Ya'll...
Ace at Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Hey yo...Its all good...we had Core Values yesterday and Karin talked about Relationship...whoa it was really good. so by the end of her Message she encourages us to Pray as a Class and so when she left we did....PRAISE GOD it was really really good....we started off by being honest and like how we felt and stuff and then we prayed....WHOA it was Powerful and so we're gonna meet every morning 15mins before our before Announcement....its an answer to my Prayers and I don't think I'm the only one who's been praying bout it....its AWESOME!!! we're on our way to do the Impossible....

Ok So I watch a really good movie last night "SERENDIPITY" WHOA its a really kewl movie...Love story but it was really good kinda reminds me of Sheena...:( she's coming home soon YEEEHAAAAIIII...we had a practice for THE ROCK show on Thursday and Fiday 08:15 in the morning, meaning that I'm not gonna be in the Worship this week :( SUCKS heeh but anyways its a really kewl show....their expecting 1.400 youth and its gonna be AWSOME...I'm not really doing much but 'm gonna carry stuff in and out of the stage...Oh and yah I get to be in the Party scene...all I do is dance to some REAL RNB BOOTY SHACKING NASTY DANCING songs hehe and yah they want me to pretend that I'm smoking meaning that WE'RE GONNA LIGHT THE CIGARETTE AND I'M GONNA SMOKE well I*m not gonna Inhale but still its YAKI hehe...Soooo tom. is THANKSGIVING DAY soooo HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO U ALL....whoa its my first Thanksgiving....can't wait Ariane my sis and niece are coming A very busy week coming up ahead of us....we're gonna prepare for the coming Christmas shows...and we're gonna perform 4 times WHOA!!!
Oh well what else??? hmmm I'll see ya'll tom. Oh before I forget....Krystler juz got back from the Doctor...juz pray for her Thx. God Bless ya'll...

Ace at Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Monday, November 24, 2003

OK So 2 years ago I made a Promise to my friend Steen, that when he's getting married I won't miss it for the world...well he's one of my Best friends and he's my Bro in Christ and so this day would mean a lot to me aswell as it would for him when I'm getting married...SOOONNN PEOPLE SOOONN....VERY SOON!!! yah so Christmas break is from 13Dec.-5Jan. and Steen is getting Married on the 3rd of January...YEEEEEEEEEHHHHAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII
Juz got back from Ã…rhus and I was sooooo tired I think I only slept 8 hours for the whole weekend CRAZY!!! oh and yah on our way home to (Denmark) SERIOUSLY I wish I had a FLIPPIN GUN to either shoot myself or those FLIPPIN AMERICANS ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FLIPPIN LOUD!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh crazyness I'M STILL ALIVE call me Mr. Attitude... HEY ASK ME IF I CARE!!!! oh well I still Love them...yah I still love u guys, I might Forgive u I was sitting in the van our way home and listning to their MADNESS, screaming, singing, fighting, arguing flippin riddles, and yes and no Questions... WHAT THE CR....I could only think of 1 thing....I'M GONNA BURN THIS MOTHER DOWN!!!!! so what calm my peaceful soul, was when I went to the Filippino church (the service was already finished) juz to find peace among my pinoy friends hehehe well they were already cleaning and most of them had already yah that's when I heard the breaking news STEEN AND MINNIE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!! YEEEHAAAAIIIIII kewl....and then homework, but then I became hungry and remembered that Cherlyn and Jane had "one to One" with Ate Mills (Mildred) so I stopped by the redroom and they saw me yeeehaaiii and called me ind...hmmm on the 14th of dec. I'm gonna play Guitar for our pinoy Choir guess we're singing Christmas Carol in the Big Hall...combined service with IPC. Yah so I asked Cherlyn and Jane if they wanted to join me for SHARWARMA yup yup...but Jane had to meet sumone so my lil sis Cherlyn and I went out for SHARWARMA mmmm very good...yah she's totally growing PRAISE GOD...she's still praying bout either Master Commission or VILL (Victory in the Lord, Leadership) I think I'm not sure...but kinda like Masters in the it's all Good...well I'm sooo TIRED so PEACE YA*LL...Arhus??? yah u can read all about it tom. GOD BLESS.
Ace at Monday, November 24, 2003

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Hello there friend...ehm well nutin much has happend yet but check out our website on and click on STUDENTS not Student Pics....but juz student underneath Staff...Aite I'll c ya'll latez God Bless....
Ace at Thursday, November 20, 2003

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Ok Hello there, well yah so It was my bro's B-day yesterday and we had great fun...went to Bilka and I met my "Future Mother in law" hehe hmmm she was like "Oh Hi hehe Hi hehe hello" yah she's funny gotta love her...well didn't really do anythin I'm juz sooooo FLIPPIN ecxited for Christmas....I love my Bro's new house and I'll be staying there for Christmas break yeeehhaaaiii....Ahhhh Tin Tin can walk now ahhhh but she still falls sumtimes but she's soooo cute ahhhh. Well hmmm today??? yah it was alrite I guess...we didn't have Class, instead we had a Missionary teaching about was alrite in the begining but for 4 hours.... its a little too much heheh but yah, like I said it was aite...well hmmm ok I Shall Go to bed now BU HU!!! GOD BLESS...
Ace at Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Monday, November 17, 2003

OK so today was interresting....we had an AWESOME SERVICE!!! it was really GREAT. The guest speaker was soooo Funny and he was really really of the best services I've been too. OK so right after the service, the TRACK ON CRACK went to Jarle's place (Hey juz discovered sumn really kewl...Jarle's name is almost the same spelling as Jaralei's hehe) ANYWAY so we went to his place and helped him to move his furniture's...yah that was fun NOT!!! well ok we had sum few laughs, ofcourse we're the TRACK ON CRACK...yah so after that Craig, Henrik, Ingelise, Annie and MOI went to KORSØR well actually Slagelse....and we took the Train. It took an Hour to get there, but it was kewl, I talked with Craig bout sum stuff and yah it was fun....So the church in Slagelse....hmmm it was actually really kewl but we expected 30 people but there was only 10 YEEEIII... So yah Henrik and I did Testimony and Annie share the Message...whoa she's good considering her first time, and she was really Challenging them with the Fruit of the Spirit (GAL. 5:22-23) it was they made an Offering for us which I thought was kinda weird hehe I didn't really expect them to give anything, but to my suprise they gave us 500kr. WHOA now THATZ CRAZY!!! guess they liked us hehe but they were really Blessed and we kinda challenges them to take The Masters and they were actually considering it AMEN!!!
Well so Nolan picked us up and we went to a cafe in Denmark which means here in Copenhagen hehehe if I'm an Hour away from Copenhagen I consider that as NOT DENMARK!!! juz so u know...well thats all folks have a Blessed Night, day or whatever...My Bro's B-day tomorrow which is actually now yeeeehaaaaaiiiiii well GOD BLESS...
Ace at Monday, November 17, 2003

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Well hello there fellow worker..."How u DOIN???" so juz got back from my Bro's 30th b-day party, and yah it was aite I guess...My cousin's and sum of my friends were there and my Bro's in Law we talked and had a really good time, well ehm they were all drinking so guess they were having a good time...well if u think I'm goffy MEET MY FAMILIE...THEY ARE CRAAAAZZZY...juz sitting with them is like watching a Stand up comedy, they are Hilarious. So yah they were all drinking and kept goin for turns with "The Shout Glass" while I'm sitting there stuffing myself with FOOD. Now my bro is THE BEST CHEIFT he's a REALLY GOOD COOK...oh yah sooo I finally got to see my Niece again...I've missed her sooo much!!! its funny coz even if i haven't seen her for 2 weeks, she still remembers whenever she see's me, she's like pointing at me and kinda like crying AAAHHHHHH. Yah she can walk now well take's sum few steps, but she can stand on her own. So yah I was kinda babysitting her.
Ok so my cousin Jay and my sis's bf Peter was talking, and whipering as if they were doin business like drugs or whatever, so me and my Bro in law asked them like "What r u guys talking bout?" bcoz it sounded serious, and my cousin goes "Chiken wings" hehehehe sooo funny...well u had to be there, u see Peter (my sis's bf) works in KFC and he can give us free food, so my cousin was juz asking him if he could have sum was sooo funny and they were like planing the whole thing like "Yah let's meet there and be on time man" like really serious and they really looked serious too....thats what makes it funny...they were juz talking bout Chiken wings hehehhehe.
Hmmm ok so what else did I do today??? ohhh yah we had a great ehm what do u call it....ehm Missions focus??? yah it was really great...a couple from Taiwan, well The Man is from America and the woman is from Denmark...yah well they juz gave us sum kewl teachings on how to be a Missionary, it was really great and they were really good, Gifted rather...well yah so had a great day but a long day ahead of me.....service at 10:30 combine service with the Pinoy church and IPC and Danish....kewl well u'll hear all about that tom. so for now God Bless and Stay hungry for God keep the fire Burning...
Ace at Sunday, November 16, 2003

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I'm Back....yeeeiiiii hmmm we had a great time in Kulhuset...Mike is awesome hehe so funny. The Purpose of this trip is for us (The worshipteam) to get, a closer realationship with each other and we did....we had great fun and he wanted us to write a song, mine's almost done, its alright I guess. OK So Mike sang a song for us called "LAKE OF FIRE" hehehe he compesed it himself. That songs is HILARIOUS. Ok so 1 verse. "Lake of Fire.....Lake of Fire" and he starts shouthing louder and Louder LAKE OF FIRE LAKE OF FIRE!!! and the chorus goes "ARRRRRGHGHHHG ITS HOT ITS BURNING ARRRRRRRHHHH" now he is stil shouthing then he goes like "lake of fire very quietly lake of fire. U have to hear it, its HILARIOUS hehe. Well yah so we didn't really do much in kulhuset, we played Mafia KEWL game and we all went out for a walk WOW it was beautiful especially at night....Yup I shall take u there MY LOVE hehe its nice. Hmmm I had A GREAT TIME with God...we had personal prayer time and it was Awesome....don't ask me why but it was REALLY REALLY GREAT. I highly recommend it, find a place where u can be alone with God, juz the two of u and juz talk to Him like really express urself to Him, and juz Pray for whatever POPS into ur head, Dude thats AWESOME...its not like I've never done it before, but this time was different.
Yah so That morning, Tuesday morning, I woke up with a HUGE SMILE....SWEET SWEET DREAM. I told Andy about it and he was like "SWEET"...yah I juz thank God for that Dream I had...ok so it dosn't really matter what happend in that dream...coz I think I was a Modern Pirate our sumn, I'm not sure but I was really good in sword fight hehe....Sheena was in my dream, so here comes the sweet part of it....I got to have her in my arms again and we were still THATS what matters to me, have her back in my arms again, knowing that we can be together again. I MISS HER SOOOO DANG MUCH!
So what else did we do??? ohhhh yah so my bro called me and he gave me sum really good news...I got sum letters from The tax office and a check which say's 6.000. kr OH MY GOSH!!! THANK YOU GOD...seriously God is providing for my tuition and I've been praying about it...ITS ALL GOOD!!! thx. FOR UR PRAYERS I LUV YA'LL. I'll see ya again tom. PEACE....
Ace at Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Monday, November 10, 2003

Hello again...WHOA its already monday again NICE. Juz got back from Cinemaxx we watch MATRIX REVOLOTION hmmm it was GREAT....well kinda hard to understand but it was really good. The movie kinda reminds me of My baby....DANG IT I MISS HER!!! well she's not really "MY Baby" well at least not untill June hmmmmm help me us out guys PRAY FOR yah today's been fun...Church was kewl and Dinner was GREAT yup I helped out in the kitchen....I miss my Niece and I went to the Filippino church to look for her, but my sis didn't attend the service, sumtin bout it was too cold to go outside hmmm well to talk to Cherlyn which I haven't been able to for sum time, she's like my lil sis I miss her and yah we talked and that was kewl, she's really growing in the Lord PRAISE GOD. She's soooo exited to see Sheena again and yup Sheena get's to Teach in their cellgroup...they all MISS HER!!! Arrrhhhrhhh
Sooo yah we were in the movie house watching all this 15mins Commercials bout sum wicked stuff and seriously man every other commercial was about half NAked girls dancing and drinking and wuzup w/ this??? i was like WHOA HOLY SHRIMP...THAT'S FLIPPIN NASTY!!! hmmm but we saw The Lord Of The Rings RETURN OF THE KING trailor man I'm soooooo excited....well so on our way home, sum of the guys (myself including) tried to do sum MATRIX stunts and yah so Aaron almost got Hit by a car hehe now that was CRAZY hehehe sooo funny...
Sooo Tomorrow the worship team are goin to Kulhuset for 2 days...well its the musicians only BYE KRYSTLE I'm gonna MISS YOU!!! well I*m not really sure what we're gonna do up there, but hope its sumthing good. well So guess I'll see ya in 2 days...God Bless ya'll Luv ya...
Ace at Monday, November 10, 2003

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Hey zup, how's it goin??? well today's been great...we had discipleship Guy's and girls so the guys went to a HUGE park, dude this Park, seriously, I almost got lost in there, and they wanted to play CAPTURE THE FLAG....AWESOME GAME so my team won but Craig got caught and put in Jail so Aj and I had to free him Thx. to Aj (Good Team work btw) so yah we went around in their "TERRITORY" for like 30mins looking for the flag hehe and yah so Craig was like "Dude its getting late, i'll juz call Nolan and ask him where the flag is" hehe so yah he called Nolan and we found it so I don't know did we win??? well I was AWESOME. Hmmm so while Craig and I was wandering around in the woods tryin to get to their boarders (Now this was before he got caught and like the start of the Game) we discovered that the Park was kinda like a "Make out Park" hehe know what I mean??? but let me put it this way it was BEAUTIFUL AND ROMANTIC and its not really "a make out park" its juz weird that sum benches was like inside a bush hehehe but its really nice and especially during yah guess where I'll be next summer with.......well u know her name hehe.

hey, I juz wanna share a little bit of how I feel....we all go through difficulties and struggles and whatever, but its not about how we feel but, how we deal with yah how do u deal with it??? seriously man, I'm almost falling apart but still at the same time I'm not....get the point? I'm not gonna be specific bout this, but my encouragement to myself and for who ever reads this...juz PUSH, and if u don't know what PUSH means let me show u.....Pray Until Something Happends. and with a verse to support life verse Phil. 3:13-14 and that is what keeps me going....there are times when I juz have to sit and juz think, not necessarily Pray but juz think....end with a prayer ofcourse but yah sometimes I juz have to be alone for a while juz to think things through....kinda like be silent before God. There are things I'm struggling with but I won't give in why??? bcoz I believe in the promises that God has given us through the Bible....I have Faith and I trust in Him knowing that this is NOTHING compare to what he has for me...juz PRESS FORWARD TOWARDS THE GOAL....but this is my heart, now its not about the school being too hard or anything, but this is something I have to deal with on my own. I don't feel like talking bout it to anyone coz i don't think u wanna hear about it, and there is nothing really that u can say or do that can make me feel better, so who ever reads this....Pray for me!!! NOw don't worry...I'm aite, I juz felt like I needed to share this, kinda like get it out of my system hehe....but yah Bro's sis's, spend ur time with God WISELY...
Ace at Sunday, November 09, 2003

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Ok so today's sat. and I didn't have time to write yeasterday so here we go....I love Chapel!!! The worship was great and the preaching was really ok I was really touch...ever seen a guy cry??? well I was all CREID OUT hehe meaning I it was a special sermon and Racheal, Nolan, Annie, Jessei, Jaralei and Karin was talking bout Servanthood, Loyalty, Consistint, Integrity, Joy and that souns really good, so as Racheal was talking bout Servanthood she chose David Nielsen as her example of a servant which I really agree with... then Nolan talked bout Loyalty and I was like definitly not me....but guess what, he was like " 3 weeks ago ACE and I went to a cafe" dude when he mentioned my name.....I was ALL CRIED OUT and he gave me a baseball and he wrote "LOYALTY" on it....THANK YOU BRO do I really deserve it??? I don't know but this baseball really meant sumtin for him....I thank my God everytime I remember you bro (Phil. 1:3) THANK YOU.
Sooo we did the human video and it was GREAT....So the pinoy church had Prayer and fasting and it was alrite I guess, well ofcourse it was Good but I was a little upset...well bcoz I was goin to lead the worship and then this other guy (Not gonna mention any names) took the other guitar and started worshipping. He asked me If I was goin to lead and I told him yah but still he he led the worship... and then afterwards I finally got to lead the worship but juz 1 song, and as we were still worshipping he suddenly stated singing another song which I didn't had to chords for so yah I was a little pissed...Krystle prayed for me, so that was kewl...yah u were right Krystle about the heart beating fast stuff, she told me "that's when God want's u to speak" hehe and so I did....well I prayed and as soon as I started praying, I was moved by the Holy spirit and started cryin hehe yah I'm Pathetic but its ALL GOOD!!!
Ace at Saturday, November 08, 2003

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Sooooooooooooo yah been a long time SORRY my dear Diary...can u forgive me??? well I don't really care coz its me calling the shots....hmmm so yah as I said, been a long time....been a WHOLE FREAKING MONTH, HOLY DOG!!! ok ok so Krystle is goin to help me JUBI well I'm thinking of a way to get her Diary Journal, bcoz she dosn't want me to look at it... hmmm I wounder why??? hehe no well she's juz gonna help me remember what happend like a month ago...
Ok so here's the deal...YAh we had a GREAT October, I've learned a whole lot from Praying to crying, from acting to playing hehe well yah I'm gonna tell u all about it as soon as I get hold of Krystle's Diary...well ok so today hmmm yah what did we do today??? oh ok yah we juz finished worship was really good. I played the Guitar but last week I played the Bass but yah the Worship team is AWESOME...Mandie keeps talking bout how good we are like ok...yah I get the point hehe well this was more on the first time we played she was like "OH MY GOSH U GUYS DID SOOOO GOOD" and yah well u know Mandie she kinda weird but I still Love her Tommorrow the guys are gonna do a human video which will touch lives of the the people there??? ehm ok yah I guess well its VERY VERY POWERFUL and intense...David I. is goin to be Jesus and the Guys are gonna beat the crap out of him coz we're soldiers...we're gonna portray the Crucifiction of Jesus Christ and we're actually gonna shout and scream the whole time. David wants us to really hit him but hmm yah we're doin our best and I think all of us got bruises and yah looks really violent hehe and seriously I almost passed out bfore kinda got a BLACK OUT it was too intense and I couldn't breath, I felt like I was gonna throw that was CRAZY!!! Still got a little headache but I'm still got sum homework but I'll get back to ya A.S.A.P. so see ya in a month...PEACE.
Ace at Thursday, November 06, 2003

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