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10/01/2003 - 11/01/2003

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Yup well it's been a fun day....Monday was all about Homework...yup I got 100% in my scrip memory, yah well Jaralei juz told me today while she was checking it....She said I did Great oh well Thank you Lord. hmmm we came up w/ a new name although I'm not sure if Krystle want's to keep it...but it's "Beavis and Butt-head featuring Krystle" hehe yah Krystle is talking bout "The Three stoogies" which I've never heard of before so I 'll stick w/ Beavis and Butt-head.....
So we got the results of our Missions trip for April and I'm goin to ROMANIA which was actually my second choice rite after England....we could choose between ENGLAND, ROMANIA AND MEXICO....but It's not about the country it's wat we're goin to do there...England is more on helping Poor children in the streets, and Romania is on the street kids kinda like an Outreach and Mexico is about Nature living as in try to live like they do on the Mountains. More on helping people and try to Evangelize. I kinda misunderstood England so I'm Thankful tat I'm goin to Romania...we got the results monday but we're not allowed to say anything to anyone untill monday, well we can say this to friends but not to anyone in the Masters...I prayed bfore I opened mine to see the results and yah it's God's will so I't all Good...I believe that there's a reason why God wants me to go there, so Pray for me and Let's see wat happens.....well I'm a little tired now so I guess I'll go to bed my bible and pray first ofcourse :) God Bless ya'll....Ace
Ace at Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Aite so it's been a WONDERFUL day...our worship was AWESOME the Message was Good and yup I had a good day. After the service I had to study and around 12:15am my good friend Daniel came ind and asked Krystle and I if we wanted to go grab a Pizza coz he was hungry hehe so yah we went w/ him, not really sure if any Pizza place was open at this time but still we all went...and after a short walk in the cold I came up w/ a crazy Idea...well now tat Daniel, Krystle and I are on the same TRACK which we call "TRACK ON CRACK" coz we always laugh and having a good time, then I thought tat we should call ourselfs "The 3 Muskeeter" hehe LONG STORY don't ask why...well yah there is sooo much more behind it only some people would understand rite Sheena??? hehe anyway....we couldn't find any Pizzaplace so we juz bought Sharwarma which was a good choice mmmm I love Sharwarma...but yah Daniel and I had to listen to Krystle goin like "ahhh u guys how can u eat tat???" well it was more on Daniel she was reffering to coz he bought a KEBAB w/ Lamb I think hehe...yah well it was fun. hmmm juz thought I mite share a wonderful time in Masters...Thank you and Good Nite...see u soon.
Ace at Sunday, October 05, 2003

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Well yah tat was fun....I've juz spent almost 2 hours to figure out my Ushername. Hmm well I was studying my 4 scrip. verses while listning to worship songs (ok this was like almost 3 hours ago) but anyway I juz suddenly felt like listining to a song called "Jesus Lover of my soul" which Sheena kinda like dedicated to me, and yah I was like "Ohhhh Man" started thinking bout her and I juz Love the song....see, Sheena kinda opened my eyes through this song bcoz I know tat God has been tryin to tell me sumtin but I juz didn't listened to him...well Anyway the Song goes like this:

"It's all about you, Jesus/ and all this is for you/ for your glory and your fame/ it's not about me/ as if you should do things my way/ you alone are God and I surrender/ to your ways....Jesus Lover of my soul"

Yah well I'm not gonna write the whole song but I hope tat by reading this and even to myself tat it may be a reminder for all of us tat it's all about Jesus...for all of u who is reading this rite now, may it be a prayer from ur heart...see I went to Masters to meet God but the first 3 weeks was more about "Ohhh I miss Sheena or I miss my family and my comfort zone but then I realized tat "Hey I didn't come here to miss Sheena, I didn't come here to miss anyone or anything....I came here to meet GOD, and when Sheena gave me this song, I was like "Yah ok I know". We decided not to talk on the phone nor emailing each other bcoz it's all about Jesus...He want's us for himself. So bfore u do sumtin radical for God or juz by saying tat ur a Christian, then ask urself "is it all about me? or is it all about Jesus?" when He ask's u to do sumtim which is beyond ur standards or stepping away from ur comfort zone would u do it? even if it means giving up somebody u Love? juz remember YOU WILL BE REWARDED! tats wat it's all about...being obedient to God and available, so r u ready for this?
"Sometimes life donsn't go the way we want it to go, but as children of God we shouldn't worry coz thou we suffer, we always end up REJOICING! God Bless You...
Ace at Saturday, October 04, 2003

Friday, October 03, 2003

Hello everybody and welcome to "My Story" I hope u'll enjoy God Bless.
Ace at Friday, October 03, 2003

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