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10/01/2003 - 11/01/2003

11/01/2003 - 12/01/2003

12/01/2003 - 01/01/2004

Saturday, December 13, 2003

OK so juz thought I might share this to the Master's student and whoever it may concern...well yah as we go back to our "Normal" routine or "NOrmal" activity's, let us not forget what God has done for us these last couple of Months...its been rough lot's of trials and yah we miss our friends and Love-ones, Family but as we go home juz remember why we're in Masters keeping in mind that he will bless us with a Hundredfold (Luke 18:29) and my Life verse Phil. 3:13-14. What I'm really trying to say is that, let us not stop being a Masters student juz bcoz we have Christmas break, remember what Sarah said, "its a Lifestyle". My encouragement to u guys and even to myself...Have ur Personal Devo with God, don't forget ur time with Him...NOw as a masters student (Lifestyle) let us be Examples, give with Love without expecting anything in return....thats Love. don't be too boastful be Humble, as Craig said in Chapel..."juz bcoz we're Masters Student and live in the church dosn't make us any different from others"...Seriously guys, we are the Next Generation BE A PART OF THE IMPOSSIBLE let's make a difference, we are God's chosen people and he placed us in Masters Commission...we are here for a reason, lets get the MOST out of it, give ur Best...Remember Fleming??? he said we were only giving our 2nd best...Yo lets give our best aiming for EXCELLENCE...if u aim at nothing, u will surely hit it. Let us prepare ourselves for Next year 2004...can't wait to see u all again God Bless u and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! u'll all be in my Prayers...
Ace at Saturday, December 13, 2003

Ok Ok calm down Krystle...well yah the last 2 weeks has been CRAZY...the Christmas Show was Awesome it was really good...wanna read more bout it juz go to Krystle's Site...kewl. Well yah its pass twelve meaning WE'RE OFF FOR CHRISTMAS BREAK ARRGRRGGGGG!!!! ok ok so our last day vey KEWL...Chapel was Awesome as usual and worship too...we went to play Vollyball VERY NICE...then went Iceskating which was really kewl...hey I didn't fall, well ok maybe I did but Melodee totally Pushed me :( yah well U still rock girl :) juz finished the Grinch w/ Jim Carrey oh and A CHRISTMAS STORY...kinda weird movie but it was good we have Christmas break now OH HOLY NIGHT whoa...soooo exited. Ok so to whoever's gonna read this...I LOVE U AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! C YA SOON or next year...GOD BLESS.
Ace at Saturday, December 13, 2003

Monday, December 01, 2003

Sathurday...hmmm Practice Practice Practice...really kewl. Preparation's for Christmas Show next week, so excited YEAH! XL'NT was really really good...Mette from the Childrens church spoke...she was Good...wanna know more read Krystle's was AWESOME....Helene's B-day was kewl too..we juz hang out in Azuza it was kewl...The Cake was really Good thou OH BOY hehe...well yah that was Sathurday...

Sunday hmmm....Henrick got Baptized it was Awesome Congratz bro...Yah after the IPC service we all had to meet in the Big Hall to start working on the was aite...TIVOLI YEEAAAHHHHH but didn't go :( well one of my best friends is getting Married which is CRAZY!!! yah so we talked and Oh man I'm sooo excited...Its all gooooddd...well God Bless u my fellow brothers and sisters...
Ace at Monday, December 01, 2003

Friday...ok so we had our day off...well after the Rockshow which was very kewl...yup totally inhale the cigarette again I went window shopping on my own which was really kewl...yah juz needed sumtime alone...ok so i was looking for a Panasonic phone...its really kewl but very Expensive, hmmm ok so i went to a 10kr. Store which is also called KRÆMMERMARKET...kewl place lot's of Christmas stuff very I was exploring the store I suddenly realized that I was in the PORN section which they usually don't have in these stores...hmmm interresting hehehe....bought a really kewl Christmas Tie and it play's a Christmas Melody too SWEET. So my Journey went on down Nørrebrogade, still couldn't find that Fon DANG IT!!! Ok so Andy Txt me and asked if I wanted to Play American Football again OHHH was kewl Melodee and Rachael was there too...They are Pretty good like Holy Baboy (Pig in Tagalog) but yah...Melodee was tackled by David Nielsen several times but THAT didn't stop her from Playing OHHH YAH U GO GIRL...if I was to pick my team she would definitely be on mine...Much respect to ya sis...U Rock...
Yah sooo the rest of the night was OFF....Jennifer stopped by, and we had a great time...for those of u who don't know her she's like my baby sis :) Oh well my Fellow workers...God Bless Ya'll...
Ace at Monday, December 01, 2003

Sunday, November 30, 2003

HEY EVERYONE....TODAY'S A VERY IMPORTANT DAY FOR ME....ITS SHEENA'S B-DAY YEEEEAAAHHHHHHH PLEASE DO ME A HUGE FAVOR AND PRAY FOR HER (and us) :) but yah even send her an email or call her....if not juz keep her in ur Prayers THX. God Bless You....Luv Ya'll.
Ace at Sunday, November 30, 2003

Saturday, November 29, 2003

OK so yah hmmm I totally forgot what day it was today...Saturday...ok so let me take u back to Thanksgiving day which was Thursday...REALLY KEWL DAY. My first Thanksgiving....ok so it was a busy day, lots of cooking and cooking and yah what else did we do??? Oh yah was kewl although I didn't do much then juz stay in the back and carry stuff in and dancing in the party scene which was kinda kewl....kinda reminded me of BACK IN THE DAYS hehehe...ok so the ywanted sum of us to smoke...well fake smoke but still light the cigeratte EEWWWWW YAKIIIIIIII....ok so I accidentally inhale the mother and HOLY SMOKE was it BUZZ hehe (thats what Nicole calls it) prolly thats what its called...but yah hehe it was CRAZY and EWWWW #"¤%¤&#""¤%¤!!!! we had to do the show again friday ARRRHHHH MAN!!!
Ok so Thanksgiving....yeaaaahhhh ok so as I was tryin to help out in the Kitchen with Henrik all over my face FLIPPIN TRASH TALKING ME that little punk hehe...Craig comes ind and totally saved my day...."Aite guys let's go play sum AMERICAN FOOTBALL" OHHHH YEAH!!! it was AWESOME well totally got my butt kicked but it was first game of AMERICAN FOOTBALL...
Thanksgiving Night was AWESOME...I invited Ariane and TinTin...ok so wanna hear sumn really cute...ok so TinTin was asleep when they came so we went to the Cafeteria, and she woke up, so i took her up and when she saw all the people around her she goes "Hva det???" meaning "Whats that?" ahhhh sooooooo cute....yah everybody wanted to take picture of her hehehe....Dinner was GREAT and desert....OH BOY WAS I FULL!!! I ate a whole was fun was fun and after that we went to the white room and watch HOME ALONE YEEEHAAAAIIII well juz the Masters ofcourse....really kewl.....PEACE OUT YA*LL
Ace at Saturday, November 29, 2003

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Wow I almost forgot....we went to an Art Museum (Glyptoteket) today for our ISI and sum of the other ISI groups aswell its free on was really kewl, yah we had a great time...Aj, Andy and I took sum really kewl pics of sum skulptures, and I'm gonna post them here soon...Aj has them all on his com. but he's still doin his scrip. memory stuff sooo I might post them Tom. Aite...hmm ok well yah we had a great time but Krystle couldn't join us so we juz gotta pray for her...we don't really know what it is yet but juz pray for her and Pray for God's protection upon her THX. aite I'm out God Bless Ya'll...
Ace at Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Hey yo...Its all good...we had Core Values yesterday and Karin talked about Relationship...whoa it was really good. so by the end of her Message she encourages us to Pray as a Class and so when she left we did....PRAISE GOD it was really really good....we started off by being honest and like how we felt and stuff and then we prayed....WHOA it was Powerful and so we're gonna meet every morning 15mins before our before Announcement....its an answer to my Prayers and I don't think I'm the only one who's been praying bout it....its AWESOME!!! we're on our way to do the Impossible....

Ok So I watch a really good movie last night "SERENDIPITY" WHOA its a really kewl movie...Love story but it was really good kinda reminds me of Sheena...:( she's coming home soon YEEEHAAAAIIII...we had a practice for THE ROCK show on Thursday and Fiday 08:15 in the morning, meaning that I'm not gonna be in the Worship this week :( SUCKS heeh but anyways its a really kewl show....their expecting 1.400 youth and its gonna be AWSOME...I'm not really doing much but 'm gonna carry stuff in and out of the stage...Oh and yah I get to be in the Party scene...all I do is dance to some REAL RNB BOOTY SHACKING NASTY DANCING songs hehe and yah they want me to pretend that I'm smoking meaning that WE'RE GONNA LIGHT THE CIGARETTE AND I'M GONNA SMOKE well I*m not gonna Inhale but still its YAKI hehe...Soooo tom. is THANKSGIVING DAY soooo HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO U ALL....whoa its my first Thanksgiving....can't wait Ariane my sis and niece are coming A very busy week coming up ahead of us....we're gonna prepare for the coming Christmas shows...and we're gonna perform 4 times WHOA!!!
Oh well what else??? hmmm I'll see ya'll tom. Oh before I forget....Krystler juz got back from the Doctor...juz pray for her Thx. God Bless ya'll...

Ace at Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Monday, November 24, 2003

OK So 2 years ago I made a Promise to my friend Steen, that when he's getting married I won't miss it for the world...well he's one of my Best friends and he's my Bro in Christ and so this day would mean a lot to me aswell as it would for him when I'm getting married...SOOONNN PEOPLE SOOONN....VERY SOON!!! yah so Christmas break is from 13Dec.-5Jan. and Steen is getting Married on the 3rd of January...YEEEEEEEEEHHHHAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII
Juz got back from Ã…rhus and I was sooooo tired I think I only slept 8 hours for the whole weekend CRAZY!!! oh and yah on our way home to (Denmark) SERIOUSLY I wish I had a FLIPPIN GUN to either shoot myself or those FLIPPIN AMERICANS ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FLIPPIN LOUD!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh crazyness I'M STILL ALIVE call me Mr. Attitude... HEY ASK ME IF I CARE!!!! oh well I still Love them...yah I still love u guys, I might Forgive u I was sitting in the van our way home and listning to their MADNESS, screaming, singing, fighting, arguing flippin riddles, and yes and no Questions... WHAT THE CR....I could only think of 1 thing....I'M GONNA BURN THIS MOTHER DOWN!!!!! so what calm my peaceful soul, was when I went to the Filippino church (the service was already finished) juz to find peace among my pinoy friends hehehe well they were already cleaning and most of them had already yah that's when I heard the breaking news STEEN AND MINNIE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!! YEEEHAAAAIIIIII kewl....and then homework, but then I became hungry and remembered that Cherlyn and Jane had "one to One" with Ate Mills (Mildred) so I stopped by the redroom and they saw me yeeehaaiii and called me ind...hmmm on the 14th of dec. I'm gonna play Guitar for our pinoy Choir guess we're singing Christmas Carol in the Big Hall...combined service with IPC. Yah so I asked Cherlyn and Jane if they wanted to join me for SHARWARMA yup yup...but Jane had to meet sumone so my lil sis Cherlyn and I went out for SHARWARMA mmmm very good...yah she's totally growing PRAISE GOD...she's still praying bout either Master Commission or VILL (Victory in the Lord, Leadership) I think I'm not sure...but kinda like Masters in the it's all Good...well I'm sooo TIRED so PEACE YA*LL...Arhus??? yah u can read all about it tom. GOD BLESS.
Ace at Monday, November 24, 2003

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Hello there friend...ehm well nutin much has happend yet but check out our website on and click on STUDENTS not Student Pics....but juz student underneath Staff...Aite I'll c ya'll latez God Bless....
Ace at Thursday, November 20, 2003

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